Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy Bees And Happy Halloween

Dirty Blog has been a naughty, naughty boy. He's been working on a post, but we've both been busy, so nothing has been completed as of late... :(

Rest assured, we are still here. Post coming soon...

In the meantime, we had a great Halloween! We celebrated it Saturday night. I don't usually dress up, but Dirty Blog found me a great slutty costume to wear. I looked smoking!!

There's a picture of the costume posted below. (not me wearing it, but I looked just as good in it :)

It's a female Droog from A Clockwork Orange.

We're trying to think of some Halloween themed sex to have tonight, but nothing really comes to mind. Maybe play with some candy? Or maybe some sort of role play?

Any suggestions?

Anyway, hope everyone has a happy Halloween!!!

<3 DBG

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Regular Night Delight

Softly caressing my tender skin
Teasing me with fingertips
As I lie waiting for more.
Whispering moans and thrusting hips
As he then tightens his grip
Making me moist and ready.
Begging him to come inside and feel
Stroking my tongue on his neck
He finally thrusts it in.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Love Hand Jobs

First off let me apologize, Because of business and other personal projects I haven't really had the time (or energy) to blog very much. However that doesn't mean that I've not had the time to have some great SEX!! I have and I will be writing about it in the next few days.

Ok, now that that's out of the way let me tell you what's really on my mind - I LOVE HANDJOBS!!!

Like, a lot. I don't really feel like going into why right now, maybe I will in another post, but I want to at least say that, aside from sex itself, it is probably one of my favorite sexual acts.

Unfortunately for me, my baby doesn't share the same enthusiasm for them as I do. Apparently, she feels she's not very good at them, which in turn discourages her from doing them (what!?) crazy I know. 

As an aside, while I'm on that subject let me make a request, guys (and girls too!) help a brutha out and let her know in the comments below that pretty much any attention given down there will be welcomed. The only bad hand job is the one you don't give.
It'll give her some encouragement ;)

Anyway, back to the original point of this post. Among some of the incredibly hot things we've done recently were, not one, but TWO hand jobs and both to FULL orgasm

Rock \m/

Oh fuck those feel so good. I love exploding in her hand.

So how do you feel about hand jobs?
I'm curious to see if others are as enthusiastic as I am about them so I threw up a poll at the top.
Oh and it can count for giving as well as receiving :) 

Ok peeps that's it for now. Happy blogging and hand jobs for everyone!!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday Night Special

All I can say is WOW. We had just had an argument the night before. Emotions were still high Saturday all day. We worked things out over dinner, then took a trip to the toy store on the edge of town. A new toy for me, "Binding Love" cuffs and collar for him, and a feather tickler for us both.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lazy Days (by Snoopy aka my girl)

We don't usually get a day off together, which makes for a rough week most weeks. But today is different. And it started off with a bang!

Last night we enjoyed some amazing sex after a few fun purchases from the toy store (wink,wink) and then I had an awesome night's sleep. This morning we had breakfast, but I was hungry for more...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Out Of The Closet

Well it had to happen sooner or later.

My girlfriend found my blog. I have been keeping it a secret from her.  She saw the the pic I used on my Score post on my tumblr (you do follow me on tumblr, right?) and became very curious. I had previously emailed that pic to her as a little token of the great time we had. Apparently she scoured the internet and found my Facebook page. I've since given her the moniker "Snoopy" and will refer to her as such indefinitely.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We should've skipped lunch

When my girl is working and I am not, fairly often, we'll end up talking dirty through texts (what the kids call "sexting") to each other. I like the idea of her getting turned on at work where she can't really do anything about it. Also it works great for building anticipation.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Baby gave me head while I was playing a video game last night.

That's fucking awesome.

Friday, August 17, 2012

This Morning

I woke up this morning with the biggest boner.

She lay on top of my left arm, shirtless. The feeling of her bare skin touching mine, amazing. Her petite head resting on my chest, exquisite.

My cock, throbbing, begging to be released from my cotton pajama pants. I find the button to the front opening and release it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hunger Games Fail

Well in case you didn't get to read my last post on the epic night I had planed here's a link -

Hunger Games

If you did you might be wanting an update.

Here goes -

The flowers didn't get delivered.

She wanted to wait to see Hunger Games on DVD so she picked Bourne Identity instead (gag)

By the end of the movie she acquired a massive headache and had to go home and fall asleep with the lights off with me holding a wet rag on her forehead.

The End

Didn't go quite as planned but there's always another night.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hunger Games

I'm taking the misses to see Hunger Games tonight (thus the pun in the title) . I haven't seen it before but she loves it.

I saw this pic and decided that this is what I'm going to try to do to her tonight.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sad Face

She was working on my day off.

 She said she was bored at work, so I texted her saying she should talk dirty to me. We did this once before and it was really hot. After a few texts I started to get a little turned on, but wanted to make things a little more arousing so I decided to send her some sexy pics I found while browsing tumblr.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Make A Girl Squirt Video

Found this little clip on how to make a girl squirt. Looks like fun. I'll definitely be trying this.

How to make her g-spot cum (Tutorial) brought to you by PornHub

 I thought the different positions were interesting and pretty useful as well.

 Any thoughts or advice? Leave 'em in the comments below.

Found another interesting video just now.
Squirting Tutorial from runbox on TnaFlix.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Labia Job

My girl does this so well. She can make me cum just doing this.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fit Girls 7/4

Great for some motivation! Anyone else out there trying to get fit?

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Wanted to post this video here, seems somehow relevant to this blog. It reminds me of my girl a little right now. For one, we've gone through a rough patch recently so I can relate to the sentiment of the song. She likes it a little rough with some light choking so the girl in the video reminds me of her. Plus We were talking about music while hanging out with a friend last night (had a lot of fun) and this song came up and also it's just a pretty good song

 Anyway here you go, hope you enjoy it!


Click like if you did :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can't write long

Can't write long because I'm horny as fuck lol. I was thinking about something kinky to do with my girl because it's been a little vanilla the past week (still damn good! just time to spice thing up a little bit) and I

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why Cock Rings

Well I've always been a little puzzled by cock rings. It might seem a little odd to the some of the readers of this blog, but I've never actually understood the purpose of them nor the appeal.

Maybe they're just for show? Like decoration.

Or maybe it's a pain thing? I'm a little turned off by notion of pain to the genitals so that never interested me.

I did a little research and found out some of my assumptions were in correct.

Apparently a cock ring is most often used to make an erect penis harder and bigger, to keep it that way for a longer amount of time, and to delay and heighten orgasm.  Cock rings work by constricting blood flow, keeping blood in the shaft of the penis.  When a wearer finally does ejaculate, the sensation is more intense, since it took a longer time to come, and because the penis is filled with additional blood.

Guys use cock rings with partners and/or by themselves.  Some are actual rings as their name suggests, made of metal or rubber.  Since these cock rings are not adjustable, the right size needs to be chosen for a proper fit.  For example, one that fits too tightly could be hard to remove and could cut off circulation in the penis entirely.  Metal rings can cause a rash or other skin reactions in some men, so this is something to consider when shopping around.  Adjustable cock rings made of rawhide or leather straps are easier for beginners to use since the fit can be changed, and taking them off is more manageable.  Avoid using cock ring substitutes; rubber bands, binder clips, and vices, for example, cause too much constriction.

Cock rings fit over the shaft and the testicles/scrotum when a man is not erect.  Ball by ball, the testicles go through, then the penis shaft dives in head first through the remaining ring space.  The ideal cock ring stays in place when the penis is soft, yet it can fairly easily slip off or unsnap when the penis is hard.  Lube can be added to make putting rings on and taking them off a little easier — something that works for finger and toe rings, too.

Adult-oriented stores with genital jewelry departments sometimes have fitting rooms where you can try on merchandise.  If you're into advanced planning, you, or your partner, can measure your penile girth, or approximate how many of your fingers bunched together equal the thickness of their fleshy friend.  The flexibility of rubber and other elasticized cock rings allows a greater range of fit for more differently endowed men, but they are not one-size-fits-all.

For safety and pleasure, a cock ring needs to increase the size of the erection only slightly.  If you notice more pronounced swelling, then the fit is too tight.  In that case, take the cock ring off immediately.  It's also vital for men to take off their cock ring at the first sign of pain or if the genitals feel cold.  In addition, it's dangerous to leave a ring on for too long, including wearing one to sleep when spontaneous erections are all the rage.  An erection of several hours can cause blood coagulation in the penis, making it difficult to lose the erection.  This is called priapism, a prolonged erection.  Since new blood cannot enter the penis, this can be severely painful and cause permanent damage to the erectile tissue.  If this happens to you, seek medical attention as soon as possible, and don't worry — the staff at the ER has seen this before.

Another place you might want to forgo a cock ring around your penis is the airport.  In these high-security times, metal detectors will catch some of these penis-erectors that are tricky to explain and/or remove for closer inspection.

I now might consider trying one of these out to see if I like it. Any thoughts or experiences?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Martial Arts and Sex

I love, love, love martial arts and I love, love, love sex. Are they connected?


According to history, in A.D. 527, an emperor named Wu Di invited an Indian monk named Bodhidharma to travel to China.  The purpose of the journey was for Bodhidharma to come and teach his fellow monks in certain exercises to help strengthen their bodies.  Monks in Henan province were frequently attacked by bandits and had no training in how to defend themselves.

Monday, May 21, 2012



love me soft
but fuck me hard
I'm your sweet little
bad girl
and I'm good -
sooooo good!

I act so tough
but I've got a soft heart
yet be in no doubt
I'm hard core
and what ever you're
dishing out
I'll want more
I'll love you like a
million dollar baby
fuck you like
an Orleans whore
I'll fuck you
till you're
sore, baby

feel my lips
so soft
over teeth that bite you
I'll scratch you,
I'll fight you
but you know I'll give in
I want you to win
and when you're
swimming in that sea
of feminity
and soft

I'll take all your hard
and grind it to a pulp
I'll make you explode
I'll make you shoot your load
so deep upside my softness
and then I'll cum
all over your
now soft


I'll lick you
till you're hard again


a very good poem by redTbird


Volume Increasing Verdict

So in case you were wondering the verdict is in on my Volume Increasing method I wrote about. I've een taking high doses of Vitamin E and Zinc in the hopes of shooting massive loads when I orgasm (and being able to recover faster) and after three weeks I can officially say the stuff works really, really well. The volume has successfully been increased lol and also the intensity of orgasm has been increased as well.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this. It doesn't cost much money and it works so I'll keep doing it. I'm pretty sure some people just take these ingredients and repackage and sell them for a much higher cost. Ok so there's the verdict.

Take care and Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Fetish Erotic Jewelry

OMG I just found a new fetish!!!

I saw an add for these online. Insta-boner. I've never seen this stuff before. I'm going to call it Erotic Jewelry. Here's Some pics I swiped enjoy

Erotic Jewlery

Monday, April 16, 2012

Volume Increasing

So I've always enjoyed shooting a big load. There is something about seeing mass amounts of my cum all over a girl that I find incredibly fulfilling. As well as the look of being thoroughly impressed on the girls face when she sees how much I shoot. Pretty damn exciting. I'm sure there's many reasons for this one being my first time to orgasm with a women (which I'll write more about later)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Obesity and Sex

Obesity is one of the reasons why a lot of people suffer from many health ailments. Being obese or having too much fat than what the human body needs can lead to many health conditions like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, and stroke. Moreover, obese men are at high risk of developing blood vessel blockage that may cause erectile dysfunction (ED) and hamper their sexual health.

Mrs Boss

I found this poem on the interwebs that I really liked so I figured I'd share it here.

I arrive at your house unexpectedly
Wearing a tight, black, cat-like outfit
I see you eyeballing my whip
I ask, "Well, arent you going to let me in?"
I slide right past you, not caring if you were busy
The sound of you gulp, angrily excites me.
Closing the door slowly behind you, You look at me confused.
I walk in, circling you,staring deeply into your curious eyes.
Yes, i got you right where i want you.

Friday, March 30, 2012


For a few years now I've been checking the ingredients of the bigger penis enlargement pills and just buying the ingredients separately to save money.What I've found to be the single most effective ingredient is Tribulus, even over Ginseng, and is pretty much the only supplement I'm currently taking. Another great thing about it is it is also a great supplement for muscle growth as well

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How To Go Down On A Girl

Had to share this. This video has helped me a lot. It's got a bunch of great tips and tricks for improving your cunnilingus. It's kinda long but totally worth it. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fit Girls 3/17

I have such a thing for fit girls. I figured I'd drop some pics of them. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A problem

I've been seeing  this girl for about 5 months now (hopefully you'll be hearing from her) and have been having a horrible problem. Since the first time we started having sex, I can't help but come incredibly quick with her.  Like almost as soon as I start quick. It sucks.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I got a Tumblr

I got a Tumblr!!! I just started using this website and I freaking LOVE it! It's a blogging platform (maybe even better than blogger) and I'll most likely be using it in conjunction with this one.

 If you have a Tumblr make sure to follow me and if you don't have one you should get one. It's awesome, awesome.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sex Is Sacred

Sex is what brought us here. Without sex, you and I won't be here.

There is nothing cheap or dirty about sex. It is the attitude towards sex that makes it egrading,sinful , dirty or beautiful and precious. It fulfills the function of procreation, it could also be a means to commit the most heinous crime.
 It is important not only to be aware of our sexuality, we need to acknowledge its importance as a factor for a balanced life. It is the fire that keeps the flames of romance aglow, the strong fiber that keeps a relationship together against all odds, it is refreshing, it is healing.

Respect for sex add meaning to our human existence and relationships.

We treat with reverence those things we hold dear to our hearts.Activities that we enjoy leaves us with that sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction, and makes us feel good.

Music is considered the language of the soul. Who does not enjoy music?  It is one of the great pleasures mankind has discovered. There are as many tunes ,songs and music as there are performers ,composers and song writers.

Sex is an integral part of human existence.The expression of sex has many faces, strikes many chords, creates a variety of tempo, of harmony or dis-harmony. Who does not admire beautiful and awesome surroundings; seek and welcome serenity and tranquility, away from the frenzy of the world. Yes, expression and wholesome atmosphere create  and inspire the moment for the ultimate experience of Sacred Sex.
We do not subscribe to the same type of music, but generally, there must be something in the music that stirs the soul; a melody that promotes a certain mood, a tune that softens or excites the psyche. Listening to music is soothing, it is inspiring, it quietens a cluttered mind.

There is no human activity that can compare to sex that can elevate the soul, the human spirit to ecstasy, out of the physical realm into a world only the two physical bodies can experience.No, it is the "quickie", not the one in the backseat, or any isolated dim spot that is available at the moment.

If you've been to a concert, a recital , attended a symphony, you do not just "run"into these events. Sex is like attending one of these events- to fully enjoy it, you set aside the time , the resources needed , you plan the when and the how will naturally follow. It is not an event you attend to everyday. It is a special occasion  that you look forward to with anticipation. Of course,spontaneity adds pizzazz.

Why not a sacred time for sacred sex? Anyone who is interested to learn more about the "How to", the resources are limitless- read up on Tantric Sex, get a copy of the Kama Sutra. But, no matter how much information you read on sex, if the attitude to elevate it to something sacred is not there, it would be difficult to experience the bliss, the ecstasy  and the sense of fulfillment only sacred sex can offer. Expression is a very personal matter, so is the experience.

There is music, and there is music. Some people enjoy the singer who belts out the words, in constant gyration or movement. They see the singer, do they hear the song? There are others who are quite content with the blues, or country tempo, some go for ballads, but, there is always room for the appreciation of the music of the great masters, do not mistake it for the elevator music..Many of the great  music have "popular hits" versions that appeal  to most.Take Beethoven's Fifth, Chopin's Nocturne in B Flat ( To Love Again), Mozart's Eich Nacht Music ( Twinlke, Twinkle Little Star)

Sacred sex is like attending a symphony- the orchestra and all its sections play their part- the percussion, the wind instruments, the strings, the woodwind, the drums and cymbals and other sections that I miss. What  does these have to do with sex? When elevated to the highest form that it can be, every single part of the human body can be tuned in like the sections of the orchestra, to produce that haunting, enjoyable , uplifting and satisfying music.

Listen to some good music, it's not all one beat, one, chord, one tone. Observe the adagio, enjoy the cantabile, the sweetness of the dolce, then get exhilarated as the orchestra progresses to forte, fortissimo, con anima, then.. it starts to slow down, go into ritartando, some endings maybe real soft or bombastic,  but always passionate. Notice that after each performance of the symphony,  are seconds of quiet, when you hear not a sound, until the maestro takes his bow.

Two souls are able to reach out into the depths of each other's being during moments of intimacy. It is difficult to interpret most work of art, and feel the passion of the artist, understand what was on his mind while creating his work. But music is different. The performer has the freedom to express the inner stirrings within the soul, with passion that radiates through the performance, filters to the spectators, and enjoy the transformation to a different world and savor the peace
within the soul .

In sacred sex, it helps to understand the human anatomy, to fine tune all these parts, yes, from head to toe, to stir the most passionate, ecstatic and blissful act. When two souls are able to reach this state of oneness, savor it, and respect it…that is sacred sex.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I just found this picture and fell in love with it. omg  omg omg ...

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Girl Friend's Back

Man I love X-Art, such great stuff. This one's one of my favorites.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Experiment

This will be a little experiment of mine. Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings about things you care about. So, I'm going to make a blog about something I care about very much SEX!