Friday, August 17, 2012

This Morning

I woke up this morning with the biggest boner.

She lay on top of my left arm, shirtless. The feeling of her bare skin touching mine, amazing. Her petite head resting on my chest, exquisite.

My cock, throbbing, begging to be released from my cotton pajama pants. I find the button to the front opening and release it.

I wrap my hand around my fully erect dick. Hours laying next to her without stimulation has left it starving for attention. Recently groomed it is very smooth and extra sensitive. It throbs in my hand. I begin to slowly jerk it.

Although slighlty torn due to the embarassment of the proposition, deep down I desire her to see it. To open her eyes, look down and see how big it is. A throbbing erection all for her.

To see her small hands grab it, tug it. I want so bad to feel her soft lips around it. To be inside her wet mouth. To feel her suck on it.

But it didn't happen. I put it away, got up and got ready for work.

I think next time I might play around a little longer though just to see what happens.



  1. I would have wanted to be woken up for that.