Monday, May 21, 2012



love me soft
but fuck me hard
I'm your sweet little
bad girl
and I'm good -
sooooo good!

I act so tough
but I've got a soft heart
yet be in no doubt
I'm hard core
and what ever you're
dishing out
I'll want more
I'll love you like a
million dollar baby
fuck you like
an Orleans whore
I'll fuck you
till you're
sore, baby

feel my lips
so soft
over teeth that bite you
I'll scratch you,
I'll fight you
but you know I'll give in
I want you to win
and when you're
swimming in that sea
of feminity
and soft

I'll take all your hard
and grind it to a pulp
I'll make you explode
I'll make you shoot your load
so deep upside my softness
and then I'll cum
all over your
now soft


I'll lick you
till you're hard again


a very good poem by redTbird


Volume Increasing Verdict

So in case you were wondering the verdict is in on my Volume Increasing method I wrote about. I've een taking high doses of Vitamin E and Zinc in the hopes of shooting massive loads when I orgasm (and being able to recover faster) and after three weeks I can officially say the stuff works really, really well. The volume has successfully been increased lol and also the intensity of orgasm has been increased as well.

All in all I'm pretty happy with this. It doesn't cost much money and it works so I'll keep doing it. I'm pretty sure some people just take these ingredients and repackage and sell them for a much higher cost. Ok so there's the verdict.

Take care and Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Fetish Erotic Jewelry

OMG I just found a new fetish!!!

I saw an add for these online. Insta-boner. I've never seen this stuff before. I'm going to call it Erotic Jewelry. Here's Some pics I swiped enjoy

Erotic Jewlery