Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can't write long

Can't write long because I'm horny as fuck lol. I was thinking about something kinky to do with my girl because it's been a little vanilla the past week (still damn good! just time to spice thing up a little bit) and I
decided I'm going to make her play with herself till she orgasms while I watch. I'll touch her and tease her a little bit into it; enter her slightly at the end to help out, but she'll mainly be doing all the work. This will be good for me to see exactly how she like to be touched. Plus it's hot as fuck!

Anyway she's doing laundry at her mom's house right now so I'm going to go tease her while she's doing that and see how horny I can get her till we got back to her place. I'll let you now it goes and here's a picture of what I imagine will be happening later.

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