Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A problem

I've been seeing  this girl for about 5 months now (hopefully you'll be hearing from her) and have been having a horrible problem. Since the first time we started having sex, I can't help but come incredibly quick with her.  Like almost as soon as I start quick. It sucks.

Now I have for sometime considered myself to be borderline multi-orgasmic. I am pretty much able to have sex for as long as I want to without ejaculating and can do so whenever I or my partner wishes. It's been a long time since I've had to worry about the embarrassment and disappointment of not having control  over my ejaculatory response. I know the cause of this is both a physical one and an energetic one, but I can't quite place my finger on which is the main source of the problem. From a physical stand point she really does feel much, much better than most girls. From an energetic one, there seems to be something about her that just elicits orgasm.

If anyone has any advice or perspective on this please let me know. Now, I'm not talking about basic stuff here. Again I have for a while now been able to achieve multiple orgasms through non-intercourse and have complete control of when I ejaculate during intercourse.

As this has been an ongoing problem I will probably continue to write about it more. There's a lot of details I left out and it's something I will find the solution for, so there will be updates.

Until then, I'm going to be a little more diligent about my PC exercises.


  1. I must agree, she must be darn sexy... hehe, Don't sweat it or it will keep biting you. My spouse is naturally tight and I found myself in your shoes. As you have learned, the pc exercises do help. But too many made me come unnaturally hard. Using a lube even when she is wet can help. You will be surprise how a slippery start gets you into a long ride. And there are things she can do to help you.( easy to find on the net) I also found that certain positions give you better control, because you control the tempo...