Saturday, September 1, 2012

We should've skipped lunch

When my girl is working and I am not, fairly often, we'll end up talking dirty through texts (what the kids call "sexting") to each other. I like the idea of her getting turned on at work where she can't really do anything about it. Also it works great for building anticipation.

Often these conversations can get pretty damn hot. I'm not the best at talking dirty but sometimes I like to let my inner phone sex worker come out. The conversation we had yesterday (at least in my opinion) is an example of one of the hot ones.

I am on the right and she is on the left. Two pics were exchanged by the end of it, but I decided to leave those out.

We should've skipped lunch and had sex instead... Im horny ;)


Ha ha yes

Y u so horny babe? :)

Just am. Last night was really nice.

It was really nice. I'm glad you liked it :)

Guess your'e gonna have to take care of me tonight ;)

Hmm it's going to be a long day ;) I hope you have plenty to think about then

Lol I do. I can draw from more than just last night ;)

Oh yeah like what?

Hmm let's see - last night with your tongue - that night I woke up to you playing with me (especially that) a few others

Mmmm that night was really good...

So would you like it if I were using my tongue on you now?

Hell yes

Would you like my warm mouth sucking on your pussy?

Mmm I bet it would be so wet

Yep. I want to tie you up and sit on your face

That really turns me on baby

Good ;) Now you know how I'm feeling right now lol

Lol yeah I'm laying here in bed thinking about it

Difference is I get to play ;)

I think that's going to need to happen tonight.

Lol jerk! ;)

I think it should ;)

But you still don't have me there ;)

You still horny?

Yes, moreso

I want you to go to the restroom and email me a pic of your pussy


Just take a pic and send it to me

Ok sent lol

Mmmm baby I wish my mouth was down there

Me too

Are you playing? Take a pic for me...

Yeah I am ;)

Where's my pic??

Damn I want to sit on it

You got to suck on it first baby ;)

I can do that...

What u doing??

Getting ready to go back to work

Aww :(

Yup :(

Maybe not the hottest typed out like that, but I'd say it was pretty fucking thrilling at least from my point of view, especially with the pics.



  1. Sounds hot! So did she tie you up?

  2. I love to do that with my boyfriend! If she hasn't done it yet, bring it up. You will NOT regret it!!