Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Regular Night Delight

Softly caressing my tender skin
Teasing me with fingertips
As I lie waiting for more.
Whispering moans and thrusting hips
As he then tightens his grip
Making me moist and ready.
Begging him to come inside and feel
Stroking my tongue on his neck
He finally thrusts it in.

Squeezing his cock with lustful pleasure
I wrap my legs around him
Moving with him in rhythm.
Hearing breathy words escape his mouth
As I come close to the edge
"You're beautiful" he says. Smiles.
Exploding in warmth as he tastes my breast
Dizzy and screaming for him
He moves faster as I come.

I feel it when he is about to end
He moans loudly and explodes
Filling me up with his heat.

Crashing together in delightful awe

<3 Dirty Blog's Girl


  1. "Whispering moans and thrusting hips" I thought I had the poetry blog... hehe.. Sexy visuals from creative writing... :)

    Check this blog out, she has me hooked on Wednesday Head Day. .....

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed that link as well!! :D
      <3 Dirty Blog's Girl

    2. On an earlier post hand jobs came up. As usual sexy talk bring up ideas for me to write about, so I wrote a poem on a hand job. I hope you guys like it... :)

    3. I absolutely loved it! So did DB. You are absolutely amazing with words and rhythm. <3 DBG

  2. I found your blog from your comment on PK's blog. I've enjoyed reading your blog and hope you are getting more hand jobs.


  3. I must agree with 1MV, this post had a poetic flow about it. Great post DBG ...

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed putting this out there. I think sex with the right person can be intense and incredible ANYTIME! <3 DBG