Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lazy Days (by Snoopy aka my girl)

We don't usually get a day off together, which makes for a rough week most weeks. But today is different. And it started off with a bang!

Last night we enjoyed some amazing sex after a few fun purchases from the toy store (wink,wink) and then I had an awesome night's sleep. This morning we had breakfast, but I was hungry for more...

He wanted to take a nap, but I had something else in mind. It didn't take much convincing. Some light stroking and ear nibbles did the trick. I was aching for him to touch me again. He started playing outside my shorts, softly rubbing my clit, while I teased his cock with both hands. I alternated from squeezing to just soft grazing, attempting to drive him crazy. I think it was working.

I wanted to put it in my mouth, but didn't want to move because he was doing so well with his fingers. After a few minutes, his hand went under my little shorts and I was wet before I knew what was happening. Dizzy with his fingering pleasure, I started jerking him harder and squeezing tighter with my right hand while I grabbed the side of the mattress with my left. I knew he was going to take me to the edge with his finger strumming my clit so perfectly.

I felt the heat start from his finger and travel through me like lightening. I squeezed him tighter and tighter and my moaning became screaming just as I burst, releasing the tension he had given me over the last ten minutes. This was the first time anyone had ever made me come like this, besides myself, of course.

Now that I was taken care of, I put my mouth around the tip of his cock and teased him with my tongue. Then I straddled him and we finally took off my shorts. When he put himself inside me, I was still wet. It felt perfect sliding in. I alternated between teasing the tip and letting him completely inside me, quickly driving him insane. I love being on top because I can see the ecstasy on his face and how much he enjoys me.

We ended the pleasure-fest with me on my back, ankles around his neck as he exploded inside me.

Now, I think it's time for that nap!

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