Monday, April 2, 2012

Mrs Boss

I found this poem on the interwebs that I really liked so I figured I'd share it here.

I arrive at your house unexpectedly
Wearing a tight, black, cat-like outfit
I see you eyeballing my whip
I ask, "Well, arent you going to let me in?"
I slide right past you, not caring if you were busy
The sound of you gulp, angrily excites me.
Closing the door slowly behind you, You look at me confused.
I walk in, circling you,staring deeply into your curious eyes.
Yes, i got you right where i want you.
I put my face in your neck, and breathe.
Mmmmm, I smell your fear.
Both hands gripping hard on your butt, as i seduce your ear
I whisper take me to the bedroom
You quickly turn around... "What are you..."
My finger hushed your soft sexy lips
No, No, bad daddy. Only speak when spoken too.
You walk first into the bedroom,
I, quietly and carefully, close the door behind me
Dragging my whip across the floor as your sitting on the bed
Shhhhh... Bad daddy, i didnt want to use these.
I handcuff your wrists to the bed and blindfold you.
I climb on top of you, unbuttoning your shirt,i slide a little lower and slowly Rub my finger nail down your happy trail,
I send shivers down your spine
I climb on top of your thighs and extend my hands up to your chest, massaging your firm pecks
My teeth are unzipping your pants, Exposing your Black Cock.
I flick my tongue swiftly On your dick head, Making your hands tighten into a fist
Mmm, you like that daddy?
I whip your stomach leaving a slash
You bite your lip, and let out a groan
Yeaah, tell me where it hurts daddy!
I climb back on top and circle my tongue around your little hard nipple,
I run my nails through your hair as i blow a slow breeze on your dick
The hair on your inner thighs stand up, and i know i have successfully teased and tortured my Big papa.
I hop off, lean over and give you a sweet slow wet kiss, i run the back of my hand down your cheek, and before i walk out,
You shout,
I smile and shake my head,
Stupid Daddy, did you forget Who's boss?

Written by Ebony_Sky

I really like the fact that she still calls him daddy even though she's the one being dominant

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